Upgrading to a Higher Class Ticket: Everything you should know

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When it comes to railways, the only option that one can choose is contacting the IRCTC. Well, it takes a long when you are facing any problem as there is always a long wait for you to get your problem solved. Well, if you have a small problem then there is no need to contact anyone, and you can simply ask out someone, or you can get some references by any means.

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Just like that, if you are facing some of the problems or you just have a query about how you can upgrade your lower class of travel to a higher class of travel to add comfort to your journey, then this is all that you need to know at the first place. Anyways, here are some simple and the essential tips about auto upgradation of your class that can help you out to solve your problem. So, let us get to it –

  • The ticket examiners cannot do a thing to the class of the passenger and this all system is handled by the PRS which is the passenger reservation system. Under this system, only the authority has that in their hand at the time of preparation of their chart.
  • If you are in the waiting list of the seat then under this scheme you can get a hold on a seat easily. However, the remaining berths that are vacant are transferred for the booking on the counters to allow anyone to book any seat. Thus, there will be no upgrading in your class if there is no waiting list on the coach.
  • If you travel in a lower class coach and somehow you apply for upgrading your coach, or you just need to cancel then as per the IRCTC rules, you need to pay for the cancellation. Well, when you are upgrading, then you can only upgrade one class above only.
  • When an upgradation is done for a PNR number, then all the passengers in PNR are upgraded, and they are provided the availability when there are enough berths in the coach.

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