How to Check Seat Availability with IRCTC Next Gen Portal?

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Checking Seat Availability had always been a herculean task when it comes IRCTC and IRCTC took this feedback from the public. In an attempt to make it easy for the people, IRCTC has made several new innovations and process improvements to make it easy for the people to check the seat availability in the train. If you wish to check the seat availability in the train then the first thing that you must know is that there is no need to login to the IRCTC Portal to check the seat availability. Now, talking about the procedure to check the seat availability, below is the process to check the seat availability for IRCTC.

Steps to Check Seat Availability with IRCTC Next Gen Portal

  • IRCTC Portal – To check the seat availability, you can visit the IRCTC Portal. The link to the portal is
  • Journey Details – On the homepage of the portal, you can enter the From and To Stations along with the date of journey and the class of ticket you prefer. If required, you can check on the Flexible with Date Button.
  • Finding Train – Click on Find Train Button after entering all the details and then you can use various criteria to sort and filter the results which would be displayed on the next page of the portal. Now shortlist the train that you wish to check the availability for.
  • Checking Availability – After shortlisting the train, Click on Check Availability & Fare Button. This will expand the train menu and you will be able to see the availability for the various dates in series.
  • Checking Availability in Different Quota and Class – You can also change the class of the ticket while checking the ticket. This can be done with help of the drop-down menu which is displayed right next to the train information. If you wish to check the train status in Tatkal then go to the top of the page and select Tatkal in the drop-down menu corresponding to the Quota. This option is just below the modify search button. Click on Check availability again after choosing the quota
  • CNF Probability – If the train has a waitlist then you can check the CNF Probability. The button for CNF Probability is displayed just below the book button. Once you click on the CNF Probability button, a new window will be displayed on the page and it will show you the probability of ticket being confirmed. This can certainly be a helpful factor as it can help you in understanding the chances of the ticket getting confirmed.

This was the process to check the Seat Availability. We are sure that you would agree with the fact that IRCTC had made it really easy for us to check the Seat Availability. In addition to this, the CNF Probability Feature is also one of the features which is very useful for all of us while checking the availability.

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