Rules for Booking Tatkal Tickets in Indian Railways

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All the rules that are related to the Indian Railways are announced as per the IRCTC guidelines. Well IRCTC stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, and they handle almost everything from catering to the tourism of Indian Railways. In this guide, you will get o know about Tatkal tickets booking.

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Tatkal tickets are the emergency tickets which are there for the customers who are in an emergency and the booking for same is opened on the day prior the train departure excluding the date of the departure of the train. Anyways, there are some things that one has to know before booking a tatkal ticket. So, let us get started –

  • Tatkal tickets for AC open at 10 AM and for non-ac, the tatkal tickets start the booking procedure by 11 AM. These will be booked on the same date, and one has to know that in prior.
  • These tickets are issued as per the distance than the end to end travels. These are more convenient, and it keeps a track on almost everything and everyone while booking a tatkal ticket. Sometimes it can lead to distance restriction and accordingly it can get canceled.
  • You can get four tickets for the passengers for a single PNR number. If you are traveling with more family members, then you need to make sure that you have some other plans than this one.
  • The web services of IRCTC are only allowed to book one tatkal ticket for their users.
  • If you are wondering about changing names on the tatkal ticket, then there is no chance where you can get that, and the name change will not be applicable for tatkal tickets. You cannot even issue duplicate tatkal tickets, and only in some exceptional cases, one can get the duplicate.
  • There are certain circumstances under which you can get the refund for your tatkal ticket. Well, there is no refund for a confirmed tatkal ticket as per the rules and refund will only be issued if there is any problem with the train itself.

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