Luggage Rules for Indian Railways You Should Know

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There are some rules that you need to follow, and if you haven’t heard of these rules before, then they are going to help you a lot for sure. If you are an avid train traveller, then these rules can help you to save your trip from ruining, and all you need to know about them is in this guide.

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A passenger is allowed to take one single luggage as a day pack in their compartment and just like that there are some rules that you need to follow to get the best things in a perfect manner.

Rules to Follow as per Indian Railways

If you are travelling in AC first class then you are given a free allowance of 70kgs, and a marginal allowance is there for 15 kg. Maximum quantity that is permitted to you here is 150kgs. Followed by AC 2nd tier with 50kg on a free allowance, 10kg on marginal and 100kgs of max quantity.

The AC 3rd tier allows 40kg of free, 10k of Marginal and 40kgs is max. The Sleeper class allows you to carry 40kgs of free allowance, 10kgs of marginal and 80kgs max. Second Class allows you to carry 35kgs of free allowance, 10kgs of marginal and 70kgs max quantity permitted.

Your suitcase of the box has to be equal to 100 cms x 60 cms x 25 cms (length x breadth x height) or less than this measurement to let it in your compartment. If any of the edges exceeds even by some points, then you cannot carry that in your passenger department, and you should shift that to brake van and not in the passengers.

Children who are five and below 12 can get free allowance that subject to 50kgs easily. If the luggage that you have chosen in any of the cases above is large and is to be carried by a brake van, then you need to pay 30 rs extra for that. There is no restriction on carriage of luggage in the van, and you can load up as much quantity as you want up to a reliable amount.

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