IRCTC Launched A New Customer Support named ‘AskDisha.’

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A new AI bot is launched for Indian Railways users, and this can bring a lot of change. Just like Siri in Apple Mobiles and Google Assistant for androids, the AskDisha will work for IRCTC, and you can ask the bot about anything related to the IRCTC.

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However, at some point, you need to take care of your sentences as this is a new bot and as far as the AI is concerned, they are noob as compared to your queries. So, it may take time for Ask Disha to get a better place in the market. However, the bot was launched on Saturday, and there were many things that were added to the bot.

As per New Delhi Railways, the bot is computer programmed AI software which is filled up with all the basic information about railways. This can be operated by our voice, and you can even text down your question in public if it sounds quite funny.

This is a 24×7 bot which means that you can use the bot anytime you need and you will never get to ask out already fed up inquiry counter people and just with a single search on AskDisha can help you find your answer easily.

The statements were made by the users for AskDisha that one can easily get to know all about IRCTC with this application and in case of an emergency when there is no option, then AskDisha will always be there by your side for helping you out.

Not only this, as this app is designed for India and there are numerous languages spoken by people all over India. There is nothing to worry about as AskDisha can help you in all the languages and it is designed in such a way that it will understand almost everything related to your query in any language.

There is zero waiting time, no more hassles and with the quick solutions, you can get past so many problems that you are facing while making any action for IRCTC. This a stress-free and more reliable customer support that anyone can get.

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